Who we are

SwiftTask takes the traditional concept of freelancing into one fluid and consistent experience, converting it into a more vibrant and challenging experience throughout your browsing. From the get go, swifttask gives the ability to profile your skills, credentials, and details, as well as providing you with the necessary means to start looking for different tasks and bidding on them.

As for the task providers in SwiftTask, we offer the tools and workspaces needed to specify task needs and requirements, as well as customizing it to reach a certain segment of the professionals available to bid on it.

Swifttask is a subsidiary of GamaComputers, Based in United Arabic Emirates in AbuDhabi.

Our Vision

Our vision is to introduce a new direction in the freelancing community. Instead of being a traditional gateway of services and pay-on-delivery, we want to become the main hub responsible for building up a database of professional and skilled individuals, who not only participate in day-to-day transactions, but compete to prove their skills and get the chance to make a difference, as well as contribute to their community.

Our Team

This website was built on a team consisting of undergrads, postgrads and smart young people from a variety of backgrounds and technical abilities.

We at SwiftTask believe in young people and their ability to make a change, stand out, and leave a strong presence.